Round and round. Dance performances

Road Lovers – Petra Drávucz, Dóra Ida Szűcs

“Road Lovers is a silly journey with dance and music, performed in the style of a road movie. Former members of BUTI, the performers, Petra Drávucz and Dóra Szűcs may already be the heralds of a new generation, doing their circles one after the other, treading the road, their bare feet whooshing on the black vinyl carpet.”

Gentlemen – Gábor Ivanov, choreographer: Adrienn Hód

Art is an aperture through which to show, discuss and face illegal things. It can detach you from reality. So taboos become legal under the name of art.

Birth – Réka Harsányi, Dóra Ida Szűcs

Birth, this audio-visual, bio-feedback based performance tells the story of the intangible, the invisible.

Endure it – Timothy and the Things (Emese Cuhorka, László Fülöp)

That which is only capable of movement to change its position presents the risk of approaching us. And if it can approach us, it can also move away, and we will need to form a judgement whether it is pleasant or not.


2016. június 25. 20:00


2016. június 25. 19:30 - 20:30
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Sebezhetőség | Performance | Tunyogi Henriett és Varga Zoltán Mihály

2016. június 25. 20:30 - 22:00
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