Artists in focus of the camera

The cooperation of the Liszt Institute in Sepsiszentgyörgy,  Műcsarnok Budapest and Hungarian Academy of Arts with the Árkos Cultural Center. 
The exhibition "Artists in the focus of the camera" selects material from the exhibitions Who We Are | Photographs about artists and Thinking in Images | Photos by filmmakers.
It can be visited from October 22 to November 11.
Curator: György Szegő, art director of the Műcsarnok, co-curator: film esthete Gábor Gelencsér.
The exhibition will be opened by Zákonyi Botond, Ambassador of Hungary in Bucharest, and Mihály Vargha, regular member of the MMA, director of the Székely National Museum.


2022. október 17. hétfő 12:42

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