Kisképző 240 (Secondary School of Visual Arts) | Connecting Past and Future

Many well-known and honoured visual and applied artists emerged from the high school of Török Pál Street, today known as Secondary School of Visual and Applied Arts, which has a 240-year history. 

In accordance with a 1783 regulation, the „Drawing School” was obliged not only to collect and keep record of their students’ best drawings but also for the teachers to demonstrate what the knowledge of arts was by sharing their own handcrafted masterpieces with them every year. This practice has not been stopped by history’s any fate-turning moment and all the masterpieces created in the school ever since throughout the various different historical eras have been collected and saved. Thus, scientific analysis and publication of this special collection of art objects built up over a period of 240 years, unique at European standards, has started very recently. Today’s students attending our school are still studying in a framework of traditions embracing generations, in a unique artwork and workshop environment. Thanks to this tradition, most of the outstanding Hungarian fine and applied artists have either graduated from or taught at this school.

We can see paintings, prints and sculptures by more than fifty artists, such as: Zsófi Barabás, Ákos Birkás, László Fehér, András Gál, Ádám Kéri, Éva Köves, István Nádler, István Sinkó ,  Margit Szilvitzky, Zoltán Tölg-Molnár. The exhibition is complemented by interviews made by the school’s current students.


Curators: Marianna Mayer, Barbara Nagy

Kisképző 240

2019. January 23. - March 10.


2019. January 12. - February 10.
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