László Szotyory | Those obscure objects of desire

László Szotyory’s melancholic, bucolic world is a reality conceived in ecstasy, about which the artist previously wrote: “I paint what I would like to conjure up around myself, the imaginary surroundings in which I live, in which I feel good.” The paintings being shown at this large-scale exhibition represent the slice of his oeuvre in which a style of painting that spans the postmodern traditions from New Painting onwards, is manifest as a form of existence without being. Looking at Szotyory’s paintings, the visitor to the exhibition may get a sense of things splitting away from the cinematographic stories of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and “The Elemental Importance of Breathing”, and coalescing into a single, virtual entity, metamorphosing through painting into a physical sensation, and an existential opportunity.

curator: Éva Mónika Horváth


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To Paint with a Pure Heart | László Szotyory | Those obscure objects of desire

Tiszta szívvel festeni | Szotyory László | A vágy titokzatos tárgyai
2019. September 18. - November 17.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2019. September 18. - November 17.
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"To Paint with a Pure Heart"

2019. October 4. - November 24.
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