"To Paint with a Pure Heart"

The common thread running through this combined exhibition of four independent oeuvres is the concept of painting. The four artists exhibited here – László Szotyory, Attila Kondor, Gyula Konkoly and Gábor Lajta – all wanted to achieve the same thing, albeit at different times in their life and with a different theoretical background: to paint with a pure heart. The title alludes to the intrinsic value of the artistic act, when a creative work is inspired by nothing other than the active enjoyment of an intellectual realisation.

Originally, the heart was not a metaphor for emotions and sentimentality, but – in both Eastern and Western philosophy – it represented the immortal centre of the person, even taking precedence over thought and cognition. From this perspective, living with a pure heart means being capable of experiencing and exercising our will, realisations and actions in the form of a single, harmonious whole. The pure heart is an ideal that we may strive to attain through a variety of intellectual and artistic exercises, and through our lifestyle as a whole. Painting, the creation of artworks itself, can also guide our lifestyle. When the artist paints the things that imagines all around him, the things that interest him, the things he wants to understand, and ultimately, the things that he loves; this is when painting brings joy.

ATTILA KONDOR | Experiencing Freedom
GÁBOR LAJTA | Beyond the door – Paintings 1985–2019 
LÁSZLÓ SZOTYORY | Those obscure objects of desire






2019. September 18. - November 17.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2019. July 10. - September 22.
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2019. September 18. - November 17.
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