Exhibition of Zsolt Asztalos Gáspár

In the frame of the Budapest Autumn Festival

The exhibition of works by the young painter, Zsolt Gáspár Asztalos offers a possible alternative to portraiture. He uses not brush and canvas but series of photo- and graphic-based installations incorporating anonymous photographs found in piles of junks on the streets and graphics by the artist. The central piece in the exhibition is an enormous, dark mirror surface on which the full-length figures of seven people can just be made out. Identification with the unknown faces and their fates as the strangers blend into own mirror images shows that our own existence cannot be made independent from the lives of others. The other part of the show includes graphical portraits by the artist what would be seen in huge and - with a microscope - also in a very micro size. A new aspect come about our reflections on ourselves and the world around us.
Opening: Friday, 6 October 2006, 6 p.m.
Opening speech by József Készman, art historian

The exhibition and the connecting catalogue could be realized with the kind support of the Municipal Government of Budapest, Cultural Committee, Budapest Bank for Budapest Foundation, and the Folprint.
2006. October 6. - November 4.

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2006. September 24. - November 8.
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