"Crystal pictures 1994-2002" - exhibition of work by Sándor Molnár

Sándor Molnár is a painter and sculptor, founder of the Zuglo group and lecturer at the University of Fine Arts.

He worked out the theory of "painting Yoga" in 1966. The various cycles of "painting Yoga" are provided by the four ancient elements and the metaphorical uses of alchemistic actions: earth, water, fire and air actions. He has now reached the final, crystal period of the fire action.

Following his own theory, Molnár’s art consists of well-defined stages. He often thinks in terms of series which research the existence of elementary forces and the transformation of the forms of nature.

On this occasion, the Ernst Museum is exhibiting the cycle entitled "Crystal Pictures", painted between 1994 and 2002. This series has not been shown before as a whole. (Only a few works from the series were included in the exhibition at the Kunsthalle in 1997.)
For Molnár the "Crystal Pictures" are actions of the spirit, manifesting themselves through numbers, proportion and geometry.
Molnár consciously departs from the impersonal nature of geometric pictures appearing within European art and creates personal abstractions. Nevertheless, there is a painting tradition which influences "Crystal Pictures": the exceptional oeuvre of Van Eyck, Vermeer, Jacques Villon; and in Hungarian art the painting of Csontváry, Ferenc Martyn, Tamás Lossonczy. Although crystal works are scattered throughout the oeuvre of Martyn and Lossonczy, they were not done in a unified, single period as in the painting of Sándor Molnár.

The exhibition shows 25 large-scale oil painting and 31 equally large water colours. (The whole cycle consists of 25 oil paintings, 81 water colours and 43 drawings.)
2003. November 5. - November 23.

Ernst Museum

2003. October 28. - November 14.
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