Private Mythology - Exhibition of Péter Szanyi

The sculpture always has always been under the influence of the tradition of the art, statues and fountains are have been made to be in squares and medals are stamped nowadays as well. For Péter Szanyi, who is the artist of several statues and medals, this traditional background is only an excuse to make experiments and rethink ancient topics. The mythological themes and the literary or simply lyrical statues appear in his art, which are made as monuments, sculptural groups, or abstract statues. The Dorottya Gallery would like to demonstrate the variety of Péter Szanyi's art, in this exhibition can be seen trunks, medals and abstract constructions.
2003. October 28. - November 14.

Gallery Dorottya

2003. October 7. - October 25.
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2003. November 5. - November 23.
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