STARTING POINT - STARKING POINT - Exhibition of Eszter Kass

Starting Point - Starking Point. Point of departure, as an apple. The knowledge which has caused upheaval and continues to throw the world into confusion. In the pictures of the artist, who began as a textile artist, but who already for long years has been producing oil paintings, the primaeval symbol appears purely, together with other natural elements. In very powerful, radiant colours, simplified into geometric forms. Aside from these, only the milieu of the piece is visible, free of any sort of spatial illusion and with no reference to other elements of reality. And here appear the lifelike fruits, which are encircled in the exhibition by the artist's earlier paintings, depicting dense, jungle-like imbroglios of vegetation. These are the extremes of the full and the empty, the natural and the artificial, the organic and the contrived: just as everything else around us speaks. In the exhibition of Eszter Kass, these fundamental propositions take on form in paintings that are pleasant to the eye, and redolent of life in their own simplicity.

Opening: Tuesday 29 August, at 6 p.m.
Opening speech by: László Hemrik, art critic

The exhibition and the connecting catalogue have been realized with the kind support of the National Cultural Fund.
2006. August 29. - September 30.

Gallery Dorottya

2006. August 17. - September 17.
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