Miroslav Mandiæ - Come! The cage is chasing the bird

"Miroslav Mandiæ from Novi Sad is a cult-creating walk-artist of our days. Having completed his 10-year-long wanderer journey titled Rose of Wandering, another walk-action titled All the Villages of Vojvodina, and other important stations of his activity, he is moving towards more concentrated spaces, whilst the spiritual radiation of his existence-practice is ever increasing. Lyric diary-notes of literary value, philosophical tractates, mega-series of drawings and photos mark his footsteps. Mandic interprets walking as a tantric prayer, thus confronting us with the present of this sacred existence- and art-practice."
Bálint Szombathy

The project advertised in the Dorottya Gallery is a walk-action similar to the previous ones, where the artwork itself takes place in Belgrade instead of the closed exhibition space of the gallery. During the opening hours of the exhibition and the gallery, the artist will be walking along the quayside of Belgrade and Zimony, wearing the photo of the Ernst Museum Dorottya Gallery on his chest. He urges us to adopt a special way of thinking: we have to approach the questions of time and space from a brand new aspect, which is that in this case by conquering geographical distances identity is created between the two venues. But this identity is critisism, too - a breakout from the usual framework of the present art institutions. The bird has flown away from the cage - meaning that art has flown away from the art institutions, and it is down to us to find it again...

For more information ask Kaja Æiriloviæ the assistant of the artist on the email address kajacirilovic@sezampro.yu
2005. May 24. - June 4.

Gallery Dorottya

2005. April 28. - May 22.
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2005. June 7. - July 9.
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