I IMAGE - central-european self-stories

The basic concept of this international exhibition originates from Judit Csatlós and Gergely László, the Hungarian curators, who with this show examine the current characteristics of the personal-diary genre that is getting more and more prominent in photography too; doing so they also investigate the varieties of picturing Central-European identity. The exhibition provides examples of the various ways young photographers look at their own selves and their immediate environment. The link between these artists is not only the common medium and the subjective point of view but also the traditions and the interlacing history of this cultural region. The relationship of subject and subjectivity, the difficulties of facing our selves, and the life-patterns typical of today's world are among the most important issues that these photo-series address.
The participants of the exhibition are young photographers from the Visegrád Countries who were selected by local curators. Their works are exhibited in Budapest (Dorottya Gallery, Lumen Gallery) then in Bratislava (Profil Gallery, Month of Photography), in £ód¼ (International Photo Festival), and in Prague (Langhans Gallery) too.

Opening 7 June 2005, Tuesday 18.00 at Dorottya Gallery
Opening speech by József Mélyi art historian

Participating artists: Daniela DOSTALKOVA (Cz), Anna FABRICIUS (Hu), Aneta GRZESZYKOWSKA & Jan SMAGA (Pl), Jana HOJSTRICOVÁ (Sk), Gábor KEREKES '75 (Hu), Lucia NIMCOVA (Sk), Igor OMULECKI (Pl), Aleksandra VAJD (Sl) & Hynek ALT (Cz)

Curators: Gergely LÁSZLÓ photographer, Judit CSATLÓS museologist
Co-curators: Krzysztof CANDROWICZ (Pl), Lucia LENDELOVA (Sk), Tomá¹ POSPECH (Cz)

On view until 9July 2005, Monday to Saturday 10.00 - 18.00 in the Dorottya Gallery
and every day 14.00 - 04.00 in Lumen Gallery (1067 Budapest, Király u. 46, Kuplung, www.photolumen.hu).

The show has been realised with the financial support of the Hungart Association, the Czech Centre, the Polish Institute, the Slovakian Cultural Institute and the Kuplung.

Partners: ARC, 1x1 Billboard, Billboart Gallery Europe
2005. June 7. - July 9.

Gallery Dorottya

2005. May 24. - June 4.
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