A nationwide Rorschach test, or, private contributions to the memory of the shifting directions taken by Ferry-land

memetic atavism, mytho-motoric manipulated meme bonsai, paranoia-recycling, (isolated) shrinkage, pan-German conspiracy, pathos-kitch, hypothesis root, theory architecture, homophony, oral tectonics, discourse sedimentology, mock-fictional documentarism, experience therapy, the culture of the transition, change, ephemeriada, transitology, inflection archive, presentism and chronological order, paleopsychology, historical re-acting, guided serendipity As fate would have it, a young József Szolnoki made the oath of pioneers and had his first communion on the same week. He didn’t think this had any particular significance until, thirty years later, he came across a plate on which the country’s new coat of arms was pasted, in 1990, to replace the old one. The parallels he discovered between these two, apparently unrelated, things encouraged him to start studying transitory conditions. Cultural changes, the state of transitoriness, offer several analogies, generate new legends, plant memes. The artist explores several cultural-historical topoi which successfully pass on from one generation to the next, remaining definitive parts of public discourse and influencing how we think about history and identity. The exhibition is an unusual transitology, a cabinet of curiosities, a look at the myths that relate to the orientation of this “Ferry-land” as it has shifted between the east and the west; a chronological arrangement of stages/works of art that relate to/reflect on/reinterpret the points of inflexion in Hungarian history. In their memory-mirror, through the stereoscopy of objective history and subjective recollection, the ungraspable quality of identity becomes discernible…
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2011. September 15. - November 20.
2011. September 11. - October 16.
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2011. November 29. - 2012. January 8.
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