"You’ll Bring the Death of Me"- extraordinary guided tours

Kunsthalle introduces a series of speakers giving extraordinary guided tours: they are contemporaries who shared the alternative culture of the eighties, active artists, friends, journalists, who lived through the times of the existence of

The guided tours are in hungarian! 11 September, 3 PM.: Soma Mamagésa
The jazz singer and diva of the band Libidó opened such exhibitions in the past as Emberevő zöldborsó, where fe Lugossy László, Wahorn András, and ez Zámbó István all exhibited works, but she also participated in the making of the radio play„Jenő néz sastelep kettő” with Wahorn and fe Lugossy in 1989. What and in what manner Soma, the “female brain” will talk about at the guided tour, can be probably best described by the Bizottság-song of the same title (“Női agyvelő”): „az ábrándos szerelem a minden kéjek titka / a most a más a még az örök ja / női agyvelő”.

The guided tour will be in an another date! Feró Nagy
Bizottság owed its first public performance in 1980 at the Hajógyári-sziget to Nagy Feró, the legendary front man of Beatrice. It was Waszlavik Gazember László, one of the founders of the band, who called the attention of “the Cockroach of the Nation” to Bizottság. Listening to their tape, Nagy Feró immediately knew that he found the perfect warm-up band to play before Fekete Bárányok. His later comments on the band, however, were not so enthusiastic any more – a fact that makes the extraordinary guided tour of Nagy Feró, the one who discovered Bizottság, a particularly promising one.

9 October, 3 PM.: Orsolya Karafiáth
It is not the first time that the poet and “culture-demon” Karafiáth Orsolya takes an adventurous detour to artistic fields beyond literature. The “Grand Mistress” has her own band, Elektrik Bugi Kommandó, apart from which she has also written the lyrics of two music CDs. On one of these she also performed in one (punishing) track. At the Sziget Fesztivál she appeared in a monkey costume accompanying Wahorn András, and, without doubt, she is up to something surprising again.

16 October, 3 PM.: Sándor Fábry
In the eighties Fábry Sándor worked as a dramaturge at Mafilm, and in 1994 he published a book together with Wahorn András. The next episode of their work together was a road movie, Cadillac Drive, which shows the adventurous transportation of Wahorn András’s car from Los Angeles to Budapest. Presumably, there are few visitors who would not be interested in how the slogan of the legendary showman of the Design Center “Kezeket a paplan fölé, éljenek a csajok!” (“Hands above the blanket, long live the girls”) may connect with such Bizottság-lines (by Wahorn András) as “Egy lány kéne nékem” (“I need a girl”).
2011. September 11. - October 16.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

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