Interval: Plan (for Knowledge Museum)

Lia Perjovschi

For the second exhibition of the Interval series, we have invited Bucharest-based visual artist Lia Perjovschi. For over ten years now, the artist has been interested in the visual representation of the accumulation of information/knowledge. The belief in ideals, in the realization of dreams, as well as in the function of art in increasing knowledge, is one of the most important characteristics of Perjovschi’s artistic practice. With the Plan for a Museum of Knowledge, she proposes an imaginary museum, which is based on the metaphors of the Body, the Earth and the Universe. The museum is complemented with the subunits of Culture, Art and Science. The installation, which comprises drawings, objects, charts, photos and colour prints, is an objectification of the mass of information the artist has acquired through reading, travelling and creative work.
2009. June 24. - July 30.
2009. June 20.
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2009. September 3. - September 16.
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