Museum's Night 2009 programme

20th June 2009

As every year, Műcsarnok takes its part in this year’s Museum Night programme series. On this occasion, you can enjoy the programmes in the context of the freshly opened Blickmaschinen / Visuals Tactics exhibition

18–19.30h Let’s Go Everywhere!
Műcsarnok exhibition space

Artist Csaba Hernádi and museum learning specialist and artist Ágnes Szabics will invent a story, spin the yarn of a tale with young children. The starting point is one of the works featured at the Blickmaschinen / Visuals Tactics exhibition. (In Hungarian.)

18–21h Bölcskey Miklós: Camera obscura performance
Outside Műcsarnok

In his performance, Miklós Bölcskey involves the audience to create the dark space for the image: a large black tarp, held by the participants. It is in this space that the fleeting images of the outside world become visible, as they are projected on smoke, a translucent material or a bottle.

20–23h Re-action
Műcsarnok exhibition space

In Re-action, we ask contemporary artists with a strong critical sense to create actions and events that reflect critically on the Blickmaschinen / Visuals Tactics exhibition, the works on display.

Invited artists: Bálint Móni, Reischl Szilvi, SZAF (Mécs Miklós, Fischer Judit), Beöthy Balázs, Igor és Ivan Buharov, Horváth Tibor, Erhardt Miklós, Menesi Attila, Várnagy Tibor

20.30–21.30h Caprice Quartet
Műcsarnok exhibition space

Founded in 2006 by four young musicians, the string quartet has several successful concert series behind them. A varied repertoire that relies confidently on the virtuosity of individual members, and the harmonic cooperation of the members are responsible for a special mood.

Csap Melinda - violin
Türk Zsuzsanna - violin
Kakuk Anna Magdaléna - viola
Horváth Alexandra - cello

W. A. Mozart: D-dúr Divertimento K.136
Leo Weiner: Divertimento Op. 20. „Jó alapos csárdás”;„Róka-tánc”
O. Hammerstein: Softly, as in a morning sunrise; Charade
I. Caesar: Tea for two
G. Gershwin: The Man I Love; Sweet and low Down; Clap Yo Hands
Farkas Ferenc: Hat tánc a lőcsei tabulatúrás könyvből (XVII. sz.)
H. Mancini: Moon river
Alpár Balázs: Nalvorelda

21.30–23h Espirit d'Escaliers (Kupcsik Adrián & Petrányi Zsolt)
Műcsarnok terrace

This DJ-bass player formation seeks to mix conventional turntable sets with the live performance of an instrumentalist. Their universe is defined by funk, breakbeat and nu disco. The programme of Espirit d’Escaliers explores and develops contemporary interpretations of jazz and dance music.

22–02h: Kaos Camping: Matter of Perspective
Műcsarnok back terrace

Kaos Camping has been installing anarcho-labyrinthine cinemas since 2000. At this performance, which accompanies the Blickmaschinen / Visuals Tactics exhibition, they will use about 30 Super 8 and 16 mm projectors to present, with musical accompaniment, the films they either shot themselves or chanced upon in flea markets and antique stores.

Members of the group
Csáki László - film director Szilágyi Kornél (Igor Buharov) - film director Szolnoki József - film director, media artist Vándor Csaba - media artist

23–24h: Kenderesi Trió: Music Room
Műcsarnok exhibition space

Singer, song writer and improvisation artist Gabi Kenderesi participated in a number of groups and projects before joining István Grencsó (saxophone) and Albert Márkos (cello) in 2004. The trio melds experimental improvisation with more melodic styles and elements of theatre.

24–02h Underground music programme

2009. June 20.

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