Gil & Moti: Dating Gil & Moti

curator: Attila Nemes

Israeli by birth and living in Rotterdam, Gil & Moti often engage in their work in the appropriation of public space, deal with the effect of the public space on human relationships. Most of their projects involve the rehabilitation of the network of relationships in a given community or neighbourhood, the “recharging” of the unused spaces of public institutions, the transformation of the streets, etc. An analytic critique of the relationship of private life and public space constitutes an important facet of their work. Gay and Jewish, they contribute with most of their works to the contemporary debates about being different, the rules of social coexistence. Their installation, Dating Gil & Moti, set up in the project gallery of Műcsarnok, will function as the artists’ workplace during the exhibition. Their dating bureau will await visitors eight hours a day, and there will be a continuously updated photo journal available on the internet.
2006. February 2. - February 26.

Deep Hall

2006. January 11. - February 19.
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2006. February 14. - March 18.
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