György Szász - Karmacy

"Over the last few years I have been preoccupied with works that draw upon confused associations, misunderstandings, and misheard pieces of information. They stem from misread texts, incomplete sentences, or misinterpreted visual experiences, but they can also be seen as the starting points for new jokes. I created pieces that I called 'forced objects'; through absurd combinations of different objects, they represent what are often useless instruments, although hypothetically such creations could be conceived as useful objects. With simple methods I try to create inter-generic paraphernalia for the mind," writes György Szász. The young artist completed the DLA programme at the Hungarian University of Fine Art in 2003, but his works have been circulating the contemporary art scene for years. His latest works, as well as their early antecedents, are now on display at the Dorottya Gallery. These characteristic objects, which have been unearthed from their every-day existences to transcend their normal frames of reference, invite spectators to engage in a game of ever-new associations, overturning our world's customary modes of reception.

The exhibition will be held at 6pm on Tuesday 14th February 2006, and will be opened by art historian József Készman.

The exhibition and the connecting catalogue were supported by the National Cultural Fund and the Municipal Government of Budapest, Cultural Comitte.
2006. February 14. - March 18.

Gallery Dorottya

2006. February 2. - February 26.
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