Joint guided tour by Mária Kondor-Szilágyi & József Szurcsik and a concert by the iLAND band

The finissage programme of the exhibition: a joint guided tour by curator Mária Kondor-Szilágyi and artist József Szurcsik and a concert by the iLAND band!

The three-room exhibition of József Szurcsik is a kind of retrospective exhibition, which presents characteristic works from the most important periods of Szurcsik’s artistic career: early graphics and pencil drawings, plate covers and oil paintings on cardboard. Paintings with his signature motifs, such as traps, absence, walls, human relationships, and shaped mythological compositions.

More about the exhibition:


" My friendship with Master Szurcsik, which has developed under the spell of music and painting, goes back more than 40 years. In 1981, the East orchestra, of which I was a member, released its now iconic album Játékok (Games ) with a cover by József Szurcsik. It was then that I first felt the meeting, the perfect fit, the timeless friendship of two genres exploring different artistic paths and dimensions. The cover of the iLAND band's album A Sziget (The Island)  is also attributed to the artist of the exhibition The Garden of the Magician at the Kunsthalle. The acoustic music of iLAND, which will be performed on 4 April, is proof of the close, timeless and existential relationship between the worlds of images and music, and of their shared journey."

Composer Géza Pálvölgyi, musical director of iLAND.


iLAND acoustics:

Géza Pálvölgyi, Gábor Madi Madarász, Tamás Kontor, Tamás Takáts and József Czibere as invited guests


The guided tour starts at 5 pm, the concert at 6 pm.

The two programmes can be attended together with a ticket, or the concert can be attended separately as well.



guided tour in the exhibition hall + concert in the auditorium: 3500 HUF

concert in the auditorium: 2500 Ft

Secure your place by booking online or on site!


The exhibition is only open to the public during the accompanying programmes with a programme ticket.

For exclusive programmes, including the present programme, the Kunsthalle annual pass is not valid.

Annual pass holders will receive a 30% discount on the price of a ticket purchased in advance or on the spot.

2024. April 4. 17:00 - 19:30
2024. April 3. 10:00 - 18:00
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