Programme change! Exclusive guided tour in English of Françoise Gilot's exhibition by Krisztina Kovács

Programme change!

Aurélia Engel is unable to come to Budapest on the announced date due to travel constraints.
Krisztina Kovács, curator of the exhibition and artistic director of the Várfok Gallery, will give the guided tour in English on her own. 

Aurélia Engel, Françoise Gilot's younger daughter, director of the Françoise Gilot Archives and Krisztina Kovács artistic director of Várfok Gallery will give a guided tour of the Rising Phoenix exhibition in English.

Françoise Gilot was an outstanding artist and an extraordinary person, who became a legend during her own lifetime, leaving behind a legacy that will not go unnoticed. Besides her painting oeuvre, spanning eight decades, she was the author of many books on art theory, published and illustrated volumes of poetry, while teaching at universities and making scenery and costume designs for dance performances. Her versatility and erudition captured those around her, and her presence filled every space she inhabited. The maturity and elegance of her works, their solid forms, vivacious colours, dynamism, witty motives and mythical symbols are all projections of her completely self-identical and multifarious personality.

On the photo: Aurelia Engel, Françoise Gilot, Károly Szalóky owner of Várfok Gallery and Krisztina Kovács in Gilot's New York studio, 2017

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2023. December 8. 17:00 - 17:45

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2023. December 8. 16:00 - 17:00
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Opening curatorial guided tour by Krisztina Kovács at the exhibition Françoise Gilot: Rising Phoenix