Stage, dream space | Exhibition of Endre Simon

He was born on 19 October in 1936 in Székes (today: Săcăreni, Romania) in Maros County in Transylvania. He graduated from the Fine Arts Secondary School in Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș, Romania) in 1954 and then received his art teaching degree from the Department of Painting at the Ion Andreescu Academy of Fine Arts in Kolozsvár (Cluj) in 1960. His masters were András Bordy, István Incze, Gábor Piskolti, Theodor Harșia, Gábor Miklóssy, Petre Abrudan and Petru Feier. In the periods of 1960–1967 and 1972–1986 he worked as a museol - ogist at the Marosvásárhely Gallery and for a short time as its director. He organised numerous exhibitions and published catalogues here together with András Bordy, Ferenc Sükösd and György Olariu (Gheorghe Olariu). He was the layout-editor of the periodical Új Élet [New Life] in Marosvásárhely from 1986 to 1990, as well as the editor of its arts column. He worked at various artists’ colonies: in Árkos (Arcuș, 1973), Szárhegy (Lăzarea, 1974–1991), Marcali (1991), the Hajdúság (1991) and in the Hortobágy (1992). He held the title of vice-president of the Miklós Barabás Guild from 1997 to 2002. He resettled in Hungary in 2003. Since then he has lived and worked here with his son, the graphic artist Zsolt Simon, with whom he shares a studio.

His works of fine art are primarily landscapes, portraits and still-lifes, as well as abstract compositions dating from the second half of the sixties and after. His figurative and non-figurative paintings are characterised by a suggestively colourful palette. He also worked as a graphic artist designing posters and commercials as well as making illustrations. He had solo exhibitions in Marosvásárhely, Csíkszereda, Debrecen, Karcag, Sárvár, Budapest and other places but his pictures were also exhibited not only in the big cities of Europe but also in the USA, Canada, China, Australia and New Zealand. His works can be found in private and public collections in Romania, Hungary and other countries.


Curators: György Szücs, Zoltán Rockenbauer


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Stage, dream space | Exhibition of Endre Simon

Színtér, álomtér | Simon Endre kiállítása
2021. August 27. - October 17.


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