Images of Light | 2nd National Salon of Photography 2021

The annual national salon, devoted to a different branch of art each year, is the celebration of an entire profession at the Műcsarnok. When organising the 2nd National Salon of Photography, it was our express aim, in the spirit of solidarity, to reach out to and call upon every artist who made significant works in any area of photographic art in the last five years to participate in the exhibition. Most of them, 208 photographers, were glad to accept our invitation. We requested each artist to submit one work or series and we stressed in our letter of invitation that we expected works which the given artist personally felt as being the most important one from among his or her photographs of the last five years.

If we wish to be up-to-date about the work carried out by the representatives of a branch of art in Hungary, in this case photography, it seems a sensible undertaking to regularly hold salon-type exhibitions. The real objective of the national salon is to assess the state of the given branch of art in the interests of both culture and education. Its essence is diversity, becoming

familiar with and mutually accepting of each other’s works at least for one meeting, where professional issues are discussed. That is its true value.


László Haris – András Bán

Curators of the 2nd National Salon of Photography 2021

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2021. April 24. - September 26.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2021. April 9. - May 16.
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2021. May 7. - September 26.
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