Derkó 2021 | Reporting exhibition of the fine arts scholarship awardees

Over the last year, our world has changed, maybe definitively. Paradoxically, uncertainty is our only certainty. We must continuously face the fact that we cannot rely on being able to take part in exhibitions or vernissages either as artists or as visitors. Due to the epidemiological restrictions, last year’s Derkó exhibition was already accompanied by presentations and events held in the online space. Kunsthalle Budapest, insisting on its 125- year-old tradition, organizes all its exhibitions, therefore DERKÓ 2021 as well, in the long-established way even in the current situation, although enhanced by online access. For the time being, we can only hope that the exhibition may open also for the general public and our visitors will be able to discover the creations of the 26 young Derkovits grantees being introduced also in the traditional way of enjoying art, namely in physical proximity.

The scholarship known in artistic circles for decades simply as the “Derkó” wields particular prestige for young creators, being the first state distinction awarded in an artist’s career. The scholarship is primarily meant to support young artists at the beginning of their career, to provide financial help for their everyday living and to ensure the conditions for creative work. The Derkó serves in a way as a “stage pass” to the official artistic world.

Our exhibition at the Budapest Kunsthalle presents the submissions of the latest grantees, giving the artists the opportunity to appear in a renowned institution. The online vernissage of the Derkó 2021 exhibition greets the scholarship beneficiaries within the limitations of the pandemic situation.

The scholarship was set up in 1955 to help artists under 35 years of age start their careers. The grant may be awarded to young artists for a maximum of three consecutive years. Twenty-six artists a year can benefit from the grant amounting in 2020 to twice the previous sum, now HUF 200 000 gross a month. The submissions are judged by an independent professional jury, appointed by the Ministry of Human Resources. This year, the jury was invited to select from 170 artists. The call for submissions and the selection procedure has been managed by the Magyar Alkotóművészeti Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. (Hungarian Creative Arts Public Benefit Nonprofit Kft).


Gergő Ámmer | Gergő Bánkúti | Dániel Bernáth | Csaba Brutóczki | Lóránt Éles | Réka Gergely | Kitti Gosztola | Réka Gregóczki | Andrea Gulyás | Patrícia Jagicza | Roland Kazi | Zsófia Kenesei | Martha Kicsiny | Előd Gyula Kincses | Adrian Kiss | Levente István Leitner | Pista Horror | Tamás Melkovics | Anna Révész | Luca Sára Rózsa | Boglárka Sipos | Rita Süveges | Franciska Szabó | Menyhért Szabó | Péter Antal Szilágyi | Ádám Varga

Due to restrictions, Műcsarnok | Kunsthalle Budapest is currently closed, the exhibition can be visited in a virtual tour : 


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Derkó 2021

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