30 x 30 | A compendium of turn-of-the-millennium Hungarian art 1985 ‒ 2015

The exhibition offers a broad selection of Hungarian artworks from the past three decades: 215 works by 215 artists, constituting a curious ensemble in the collection of István Hoffmann. Each artist was commissioned to create small-sized but characteristic and important panels, reliefs, sculptural works or photographs.

“Small works require concentrated artistic construction and expression. A small picture that conveys authentic meaning will keep a tight reign on detail and employ clear, homogeneous expression, making for a pictorial essence. The small size is in itself a crucial characteristic in that it establishes perspective from which the work can be viewed. It inspires an intimate, direct relationship between artwork and viewer, while a series of small pictures arranged in several rows can be presented and interpreted as an artwork in its own right, representing the spirit of the collector. […]

It is not the usual private collection, hand-picked and governed by subjective factors and seeking to present an artistic summary, but rather, much more a comprehensive collection that seeks to be summative, exhaustive and objective.” Tibor Wehner

curator: Mihály Medve

2017. January 18. - February 19.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2016. December 7. - 2017. January 8.
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2017. March 1. - April 9.
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