ALEA IACTA EST ? Exhibition of Zoltán Fábián

As clear and consistent as the formal language and pictorial construction of Zoltán Fábián’s painting are, the concept that forms the core of the exhibition is succinctly defined yet at the same time sensitively structured, seemingly simple but actually encompasses an unforeseeable intellectual field. Because this time the ‘protagonist’ of the whole exhibition is the most regular shape of three-dimensional space (besides the sphere), the cube, and its two-dimensional projection, the square, the shape with four lines of equal length meeting at right angles. The artist’s graphic pieces, paintings and installations also address the dichotomy between light(ness) and dark(ness) as well as between regular and irregular. It is important to note, however, that regular-irregular can in no way be identified here with order-disorder since while disorder-disorganisation can take any amorphous form, irregular always carries the notion of ‘broken order’, i.e. the memory of order, and this irregularity is always relative to something else. Well, Zoltán Fábián’s art explores exactly this: entropy.

György Szemadám, curator


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ALEA IACTA EST ? Exhibition of Zoltán Fábián

ALEA IACTA EST ? Fábián Zoltán kiállítása
2023. June 23. - September 3.
2023. June 16. - September 17.
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