József Szurcsik: The Magician's Garden

This exhibition is a certain summary and retrospective. It presents characteristic works from the most important periods of Szurcsik’s artistic career: early graphics and pencil drawings, plate covers and oil paintings on cardboard. Paintings with his signature motifs, such as traps, absence, walls, human relationships, and shaped mythological compositions. Special emphasis has been given to recent works, such as landscapes, black and white paintings and the pages of Bestiarium Humanum. In addition to two-dimensional works, a selection of the artist's sculptures will also be on display. Our aim is to show the multifaceted creative process that has defined József Szurcsik's work over the past forty years. It should not be overlooked that, although the artist is most engaged with the relations of the individual, his scale of thinking goes far beyond that: he looks at individual possibilities, mistakes and bad decisions from a transcendent position. This attention is archetypal, iterative, almost cosmic in scale. His gesture of showing, of awareness raising, is meant to help us make more generous decisions, while paying attention to each other, instead of following individual, selfish thoughts. This is his magical ability.

Curator: Mária Kondor-Szilágyi 

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József Szurcsik: The Magician's Garden

A Varázsló kertje | Szurcsik József kiállítása
2024. March 1. - April 7.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2024. February 23. - April 7.
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