Common Space | 2nd National Salon of Applied Arts and Design 2022

The first salon showcasing the latest achievements of Hungarian applied arts and design was held in the Műcsarnok five years ago, in 2017, with the participation of 208 artists. Now, at the second salon with the same theme, we have extended the number of exhibiting artists to more than 300. Ten branches of art will share a ‘common space’ ranging from post-industrial design to the most recent works of autonomous studio art, from objects of everyday use to fine art experiments. Artists from four generations have contributed their works, from doyens to talented young people at the start of their careers. The work of the curator, András B. Szilágyi, entrusted by the Műcsarnok, has been assisted by co-curator Eleonóra Balogh on the apropos of the “International Year of Glass 2022” programme, as well as by senior advisors Krzysztof Ducki, György Fusz, Hedvig Harmati, László Kálmán, Tamás Liszka, István Szenes and Fruzsina Tóth.

The exhibition turns to Aristotle’s treatise titled Categories to elucidate the nature of ‘things speakable’ displayed in the common space and invites visitors on a contemplative walk among the objects to freely take in the sensual perceptions and intellectual manifestations of what surrounds them. It shows two paths along which the displayed works, realised in the past five years, can be explored: one leads from concretely moulded materials to non-material entities, i.e. designed ideas, while the other spans from strict functionalism to autonomous art. Along these paths visitors can walk from ceramics, the most ancient art taking us to the magical moment of the birth of human civilisation, all the way to communication spaces of virtual reality. Although the displayed areas of art are distinct, being spatially linked at the exhibition, they present a continuous process. The different branches of creativity coupled with the two conceptual journeys create inspiring cross sections, with new qualities and connections coming into play at the meeting points.

The realisation of the exhibition is made with the partnership of Bohus-Lugossy Foundation.


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Common Space | 2nd National Salon of Applied Arts and Design 2022

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2022. April 10. - September 4.
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