INSIDE INSIGHT – Design for living. Exhibition of the Department of Design of the Technical University in Košice

The INSIDE INSIGHT exhibition is part of a series presenting various universities and departments of the arts, organized in the Kunsthalle´s Műcsarnok#Box exhibition space, while it will be the first foreign presentation in a series. Until now, solely Hungarian universities were featured within this exhibition initiative. Košice´s Technical University will follow the universities of Eger, Pécs, Sopron, the László Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) and Budapest Metropolitan University (METU). The exhibition will run simultaneously with the National Salon, this year focusing on design and applied arts.
The design products, selected for the INSIDE INSIGHT exhibition, are on the one hand connected by the main topic - design for living. On the other hand, they also represent alternatives to the commercial production and contain strong semantic and symbolic messages. An important creative freedom given to the students/designers is another common denominator of the exhibits. Students were given a free hand and could approach design process as a sort of self-reflection and therefore chose a research subject of their own choice. By this particular selection, the curatorial concept highlights the aspects as sustainability of design, but also its temporality and ephemerality, with the focus on emotionality of objects defining our homes.
“Through the INSIDE INSIGHT exhibition, we wanted to present design work that is not commercial in nature and points to a more informal type of creativity. However, we believe that by such work it is possible to seek and find approaches to encourage a shift from consumerism to sustainable development. Our homes symptomatically reflect the way we live our lives. That is the topic that we found interesting and we also believe that the work of pedagogues in the whole process is more important than it might seem,” said Tibor Uhrín, the head of the Department of Design and one of the co-curators of the exhibition.
The works of students of the Visual Communication Studio are an important part of the display. By responding directly on the exhibited products or the exhibition theme, they complete the presented vision of living and housing.

2017. May 31. - August 13.


2017. April 22. - August 13.
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