Artonomy | 2nd National Salon of Fine Arts

The Artonomy | 2nd National Salon of Fine Arts exhibition showcases the newest works of some 200 artists – paintings, sculptures, videos and installations – all created within the last five years, in the halls of Kunsthalle Budapest.

The selection faithfully reflects today’s complex departures from the dominant styles, the rich tapestry of diverse artistic attitudes, conceptions and modes of expression existing side-by-side with one another. This event creates an exciting opportunity for professionals and the public alike to discover the common tendencies and the differences that emerge from the diversity of the works on display.

Everyone will find something that makes a lasting impression among the works in this broad palette of styles and genres ranging from monumental, robust sculptures to delicate and airy graphic artworks, from streamlined geometric abstraction to works infused with humour and baroquely intense figurative compositions.

Alongside the works created using classical materials and techniques, the exhibition also features pieces created from the materials available today – here transformed into works of art – using contemporary tools and methods. There is also no shortage of works, some depictive, that are conceptually motivated but nevertheless follow the great artistic traditions. The selection also includes virtuosic, daring works with a realistic language of form and dramatic, grandiose non-figurative pieces with strong gestures. 

In addition to the paintings and graphic works, the exhibition spaces of Kunsthalle Budapest have also been taken over by sculptures, statues and exciting spatial installations. Some artworks are formed by the intertwining of branches, while others incorporate aluminium, steel, bronze and textiles, a range of woods, plastic, mud, rubber, ceramics, bone, glass, water, various types of stone and composite materials. 

Artonomy, as a theme or motto, perfectly encapsulates the essence of the exhibition. There are no taboos or preconceptions, no expectations or edicts – just art and autonomy. Our aim is to show who we are. In other words, to show what kind of art is being made in Hungary today. 


Curators: József Szurcsik, Mária Kondor-Szilágyi

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Essays in the catalogue:  

József Szurcsik | In place of a Foreword, or an imaginary interview with the curator

György Szegő : Keeping the Faith | The 2nd National Salon of Fine Arts 2020

Endre Kukorelly | “Behold the Land”. L’Oeuvre
József Gaál | Artonomy – Freedom of Art


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Artonomy | 2nd National Salon of Fine Arts

Szabadjáték / II. Képzőművészeti Nemzeti Szalon
2020. March 28. - September 27.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2020. February 26. - June 28.
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