In the workshop of Lajos Csertő

His expertise and engineering skills are evident in the steel structures of the Hungarian Pavilion in Seville, and in the churches of Százhalombatta and Paks. Beside public statues, he also produces Indian semi-precious stone altars, blown-glass small sculptures, ceramic objects and wooden statuettes. His interest is focused on the material itself and on the creative process of production during which matter is informed – as the form of a statue is freed from the granite or the blown glass alters and acquires its form. Beside his ceramics, small sculpture and scale models of buildings, his „inventions” and project designs will be given prominence at the exhibit. Their common denominator is the aspiration to increase the collective quality of life. One of his most interesting plans concerns the artificial lakes of a projected Duna-Tisza canal. The plan charts the possibilities to develop the neglected environment from Budapest to Kecskemét.  Lajos Csertő’s extensive production practices and the distinctive ambiance of his workshop has always attracted architecture and sculpture students who arrive for internship from the „Travelling School” of the Kós Károly Association and from the University of Applied Arts and Design. Former students praise his masterly skills, his amazing diligence and humanity. In the words of his friend and collaborator, Imre Makovecz: „... in the true sense of the word, he is never an amateur, always a master.”

The exhibition aims to present the legendary workshop of Lajos Csertő, to present his creative process and the diversity which has become the staple of his masterly work.




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In the workshop of Lajos Csertő

Csertő Lajos műhelyében
2015. November 5. - 2016. January 31.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2015. October 30. - 2016. January 31.
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