DEADLY COLOURS | catwalk concert | acoustic premiere

Deadly Colours is a spectacular catwalk concert presented by the members of Soharóza, known as the most innovative interdisciplinary choir in Hungary. The performance is based on the group’s widely acclaimed cultshow Taboo Collection, directed by Fruzsina Nagy costume designer (Costume Designer of the Year 2016) and Dora Halas conductor, pioneer of improvised choral music and collective composing.

Deadly Colours is based on the duo's unique catwalk format, this time applied in Nagy’s academic project with the design students of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

The brand new show is inspired by the music of the ’Death’ scene from Taboo Collection. On the stage singing models wear costumes showcasing the topic of death with each musical section dominated by 5 different colours. The performance brings delicate topics closer to the audience through a fair dose of humour and a healthy batch of irony and self-reflection.

The show at the Kunsthalle Budapest will be the first acoustic performance of the production. 

Performed by: Soharóza

Costumes designed and made by: Sára Czakó, Noémi Gyimothy, Orsi Szigeti and Dorottya Vincze (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) and Letícia Bartos, Luca Dávid, Letícia Kuti and Anna Mikes (Hungarian University of Fine Arts)

Professor of the costume designers: Fruzsina Nagy

Directed by: Dóra Halas, Fruzsina Nagy


2017. June 3. 18:00

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2017. May 28. 16:00 - 17:00
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