Poisoned Apples Sissi and Schratt | Electroacoustic opera dell’arte | Première

Műcsarnok Színtér | 7 p.m. Monday 12 December 2016
Poisoned Apples
Sissi and Schratt | Electroacoustic opera dell’arte | Première
Composer: Bálint P. Baráth
Sissi: opera singer Veronika Dobi-Kiss and dancer/choreographer Henriett Tunyogi (Budapest–London)
Schratt: opera singer/university professor Carmen Vasile (Cluj–Oradea) and dancer/university professor Katalin Lőrinc
Costume: Zsuzsa Juhász
Audio: Gyula Andorfer
Ildikó Bán’s free association of associations
Among pictures. They live among pictures and their existence is just the same: they speak and move knowing all along that they will become pictures. The majestic one, who is always identical with herself, is the empress. The sensual one, who can identify with the majestic or the lowly, is the actress. Manipulated, governed sign systems. Precise steps where feigning becomes real through consciously measured steps. Faience figures. Pain, like interior bleeding. Invisible interactions in insulated cables. Their voice and movement is composed, ready for endlessness. In that special final moment, before the world became a faster place. They are perfect like a dream. Their emotions are poisoned by the situation. They live in a mirror state through a man – a situation – albeit they bear no resemblance to one another.
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY4q-d9Jwwc
Tickets: 1200 Ft. Bookings: www.jegymester.hu
Műcsarnok | Budapest, Hősök tere | www.mucsarnok.hu | mucsarnok@mucsarnok.hu

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