Dénes Nagy

Another Hungary Life of a Village - Fragments

Start: 6 pm Director: Dénes Nagy
DoP: Tamás Dobos
Editor: Károly Szalai
Sound: Péter Benjámin Lukács, Ádám Várhegyi
Producers: Sára László and Marcell Gerő – Campfilm Production, Budapest, Hungary

With the participation of Imre Bukta, Artist.

Supported by the

An image of the everday life of a village in North-East Hungary; harsh but empathetic, without passing judgments. The film is featuring contemporary Hungarian fine artist Imre Bukta.


It’s been more than ten years now that fine artist Imre Bukta, one of the leading figures in Hungarian contemporary arts, moved back to his home village Mezőszemere in Heves county. “Another Hungary” attempts to show the very special and very sensitive way Bukta looks at the world around him: the life and surroundings of the village people, which is the basis of his art. It is a detailed analysis of the present situation: what have we achieved so far? What do we have now and what can we do with it? The documentary gives a harshly realistic image, with much self irony, humour and absurdity, of what happens if a dying traditional culture gets mixed with half-modernized circumstances, creating a strange new world.

Másik Magyarország trailer from Campfilm Production on Vimeo.

2013. October 19.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2013. July 28.
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