You Are Being So Strange Today

The performance of Tünet Company on the exhibition of Bernar Venet

Ticket: 900 HUF Are the enromous steel sculptures of Bernar Venet inpiration or hindrance for the dancers and musician of Tünet Company?
Come and see the You Are Being So Strange Today performance in the Kunsthalle on 24 February!

A hard-hitting visual team, a twisted noisemaker-musician, and a dancer with a weight problem ponder the question of: How to be one’s own shadow? You Are Being So Strange Today is an improvisation on the points of intersection between dance, live music, and projected images. Building on minimalist loops, the swelling wall of noises and sounds is complemented by a cartoonish shadow world conjured up by the Kiégő Izzók / Glowing Bulbs, one of Hungary’s best known VJ teams, using two slide projectors and a clever visual trick. A danseuse desperately trying to win the attention of her partner musician in vain finally finds respite and undergoes a total physical and spiritual transformation, assuming increasingly amorphous shapes. Spoiler alert: The happy ending never comes!
2012. February 24.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2011. December 11. - 2012. January 8.
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