Ruben Brandt – Forte Company’s production in Műcsarnok

The group portrait of an art collector / museum theatre

Direction, choreography: Csaba Horváth
Script, set: Milorad Krstic If you want to see how the media devour art, and are even willing to take the risks and go on a historical rafting tour – a thriller amidst the cultural icons of the 20th century –, join Ruben Brandt in a gangster story spiced with black humour and surreal facts. Because what happens when what is at stake is no longer the value of art, but its very existence?

Title character Ruben Brandt and his partners obtain stunning works of art by plundering the most famous museums, galleries and private collections in the world—while material wealth is not what he is after.
And then there’s private eye Mike Kowalski , who is obsessed with solving the mystery of the high-flying museum raiders. The latter, of course, cannot be aware of Kowalski’s unusual method: watching classic films with the sound turned off. Where does all this lead?
The antics of the gang have made it to the headlines of international media. The Interpol and a number of international organizations have started investigating, scores of headhunters have been set loose. Eventually, Mike Kowalski is to the rescue (who else?), cracking the secret of what led Ruben Brandt to building his own collection…

Direction, choreography: Csaba Horváth
Script, set: Milorad Krstic [nl
Máté Andrássy, Borbála Blaskó, Csaba Horváth, József Kádas, Vera Sipos, Tamás Vati / Zoltán Csere
Costume: Mari Benedek
Lighting: Mihály Pallagi, Ferenc Payer
Sound: Zoltán Kondás
Production assistants: Judit Számel, Mária Koháry

More informations about the Ruben Brandt performance on the website of the Forte Company HERE!

The supporters of the production: NKA, NEFMI, Kunsthalle
2011. December 11. - 2012. January 8.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2011. November 7. - November 9.
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