Budapest Art Fair 2008

Antique and contemporary – everything that is art at one place and time …

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Magyar Turizmus Rt., Magyar Turisztikai Hivatal Budapest Art Fair, the antique and contemporary exhibition, the most significant domestic event of arts, looking back to a period of 15 years during which it gradually became a cultural event on the international scene too, renewed last year in terms of both its name and profile, will be organized in the Art Hall between 20 and 23 November 2008. Due to the success the contemporary galleries achieved last year and in harmony with the international trend, this year the exhibition will focus on contemporary fine arts beyond the outstanding works of classic and modern painters. The seventy famous galleries – including Gilden’s Arts being present both in Tel-Aviv and London as well as Galerie le Minotaure of Paris, showing classic and contemporary works as well – are preparing for the event to be held in late November with the crème of their collections. To guarantee the high level of the art fair, in accordance with international practice, a jury consisting of independent experts will review all the works on the basis of a system of criteria set for each category separately and the pieces will be allowed in the exhibition only with the consent of the committee.

The accompanying events of the Budapest Art Fair antique and contemporary exhibition and fair will include guided tours for groups, an Art Magazine Forum on arts and the art market, the introduction of new art history books as well as film projections in the auditorium of the Gallery this year as well. Two new programs that will attract many with all probability will be involved as novelties by the event: following London and Stockholm, Budapest will also enjoy “LIFEGAME”, a theater performance based on improvisation and an interactive play house created for children and the youth.
2008. November 20. - November 23.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

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