Gardens and Ateliers | Mária Flóra Zoltán: The Dormitory in Avignon

Mária Flóra Zoltán

Lives in Budapest. After graduating from the Arts and Crafts Secondary School she studied painting for two years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, eventually obtaining a degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1962. Uninfluenced by her academy masters, her early nature-based works were inspired by the expressive and surrealistic painterly world of Imre Ámos and Margit Anna. In her early years she lived and worked at the Kecskemét artist colony with her then husband András Novák. There she painted the works constituting her first solo exhibition, curated by János Frank and hosted by the Adolf Fényes Room, which then belonged to the Műcsarnok. Her graphic works are related to the drawing style of Picasso, in the tradition of Hungarian graphic artists (Gyula Hincz, Lajos Szalay) following in his footsteps. Following a radical shift in style, since 2013 she has been creating richly colourful, non-figurative paintings now on view titled The Dormitory in Avignon. The most comprehensive monograph to date dealing with her entire work was published in 2014. Zoltán Mária Flóra, Budapest, 2014. [monograph with texts in Hungarian and English, ed.: MAYER Marianna] –Texts: dr. BALLA László: „Zoltán Mária Flóra született festő” [Mária Flóra Zoltán a born artist]; BÁLVÁNYOS Anna: „Interpretációs kísérletek Zoltán Mária Flóra műveihez” [Interpretation experiments of the works of Mária Flóra Zoltán]; NOVÁK Zsófia: „ZMF kaleidoszkópja” [The caleidoscope of FMZ]; ZOLTÁN Mária Flóra: „Fasor és Szemelvények [Avenue and Excerpts] 

2016. December 7. - 2017. January 8.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2016. December 2. - 2017. March 5.
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2017. January 18. - February 19.
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