Attila Kondor | Experiencing Freedom

Throughout his career, the artist has explored in depth the philosophical and aesthetic theories that form the intellectual underpinnings of visual art. He does this in such a way that while his respect for the legacy and achievements of the past shines through, every work is nevertheless born of his own encounters and experiences.

His painted animation project, The Paths of Attention, has been six years in the making so far. In the autumn, he plans to summarise the results of this work in a new video installation that also includes the paintings and drawing serving as the basis for the film.

There are no characters in Attila Kondor’s paintings, which allows the viewers themselves to become active participants in the work. Starting out from everyday scenes, these films lead the viewer to imaginative spaces that evoke rich memories, revealing mythological, philosophical and artistic motifs. The ‘inner stories’ generated in the course of actively contemplating the works coalesce into an intellectual, spiritual and emotional narrative.

curator: Marianna Mayer



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To Paint with a Pure Heart | Attila Kondor | Experiencing Freedom

Tiszta szívvel festeni | Kondor Attila | Szabadságtapasztalat
2019. September 18. - November 17.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2019. September 18. - November 17.
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2019. October 4. - November 24.
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