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The same river

Contemplation, thought, a stream, water – all in a single picture. For Péter Rizmayer these images are important; these are what he sees, these are what he finds. Making pictures is his profession, he graduated as a painter; but he has long since switched to working with video. Looking at paintings is done “parallel to the picture plane” as we walk past the pictures. Videos, on the other hand, are viewed “perpendicularly”: We have to stand in front of the screen and fix our gaze on the picture plane. This lingering is a key element of Rizmayer’s image-making and indeed that of many other contemporary artists. The soothing and smoothing out of the visually fatigued, trembling eyes, an invitation to watch: fragments drifting past each other yet seen together. He took counsel from many, from Heraclitus to Tarkovsky: “Listening not to me but to the Logos it is wise to agree that all things are one.” And they advised him to concentrate on images of the elements; water, for example: watch what it does, what it is for, where it is headed.

Curator : András Bán

Péter Rizmayer was born in Budapest and lives in Arcuș (Románia). He graduated as a painter from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where his mentor was József Gaál. Since then he has created video installations and video performances. (“With the medium of video I can keep human – often harmful – intervention in nature to the barest minimum. Art should not pollute the environment either.”) He is regularly invited to participate in group exhibitions. His most recent solo exhibition was Meteor and Minute Catastrophes (Czóbel Museum, Szentendre, 2018, with Balázs Hugyecsek). “All my works have a link with nature, which is the mirror through which I study the hidden world around me. I explore nature and nature is within me. My installations search for the metaphysical values of the world around us by placing the individual elements and forces of nature in focus.”


Simultaneously – Studio Visits

Zoltán Bánföldi | Zsófia Bérczi | Győző Byhon | Gábor Fülöp | Réka Gergely | Tibor Pataki | Péter Rizmayer | Nóra Soós | László Tenk

MŰCSARNOK Kunsthalle Budapest | 28 October 2020 – 10 January 2021  

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2020. October 28. - 2021. February 14.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2020. September 11. - November 8.
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