Derkó2017 | Reporting exhibition of the fine arts scholarship awardees

Named after Hungarian painter and graphic artist Gyula Derkovits (1894–1934), the scholarship has since 1955 contributed to creating ideal working conditions for young people embarking on a career in art. The state scholarship grant is intended for young people who have completed their studies and are working as independent artists.
Over the decades, the Derkovits Scholarship (commonly known as Derkó) has come be regarded as the most prominent grant, synonymous with professional recognition, and has become something of an “institution” in its own right. Every year, over a hundred and fifty artists respond to the call of applications, and the scholarship continues to safeguard the fundamental principles of creative freedom and artistic quality.
Under-thirty-five artists can be awarded the scholarship up to three times. A board consisting of ten art professionals evaluates the applications and chooses the winners of the year. Traditionally, the Kunsthalle hosts the board meeting where the applications are reviewed. It's Kunsthalle’s task and part of its annual agenda to organise the exhibitions accompanying the scholarship applications. After the large-scale, curator-selected scholarship awardee exhibitions of the past (where we sought to give an exhibition opportunity to all scholarship awardees, old and new), this year will reinstate the practice of so-called reporting exhibitions where the artists give an account of how their objectives, outlined in their project plans, were met.
The scholarship is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources and managed by the Hungarian Creative Arts Nonprofit Ltd.

Exhibiting artist: Ervin Békési | András Blazsek | Loránd Bögös | Péter Donka | Anna Fabricius | Viola Fátyol | Péter Gallov | Andrea Gombos | Dáriusz Gwizdala | Csaba Árpád Horváth | Patrícia Kaliczka | Botond Keresztesi | Dániel Kiss | Olga Piroska Kocsi | Gábor  Kristóf | Áron Kútvölgyi-Szabó | Lilla Lőrinc | Zsolt Molnár | Mózes Márton Murányi | Csilla Nagy |  Dániel Sallay | Ottó Szabó | Péter Szalay | Loránd Szécsényi-Nagy | Balázs Máté Tóth | Balázs Veres

Curators: András Bán and Réka Fazakas


2017. March 5. - March 26.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2017. March 1. - April 9.
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2017. March 15. - May 14.
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