János Kalmár ˑ Attila Mata ˑ Tamás Szabó

After their 2006 debut exhibition, followed by another six until 2011, MORPH (founded in 2005) will display their works for the eighth time. Sculptors János Kalmár, Attila Mata and Tamás Szabó – all three of them awarded the Mihály Munkácsy prize – translate their experiences and experiments linked to space into forms, appealing to viewers at an aesthetic as well as a trans-perceptional, intellectual/spiritual level. Manifest in their sculptures are strata of the human body and contents carried by it that are not limited by time and the human condition; they are primeval and even animalistic gestures forming an intrinsic part of man’s universe for eons.

Encountering the works of the three artists we will engage in a dialogue with own attributes made visible and perceptible, and by seeking to connect with the tactile qualities, forms, colours and surfaces we gradually arrive at a profound recognition: the mystery of experiencing consubstantiality. The connection between the body and the soul within it is rendered through János Kalmár’s elegant arches striving up to the sky, Attila Mata’s congenially playful, complex formal structures and Tamás Szabó’s elemental terseness.

All three artists mould the immaterial into material in their sculptures, while preserving the primeval power of brushstrokes and colours; by using manual tools in the final stage of shaping their works they remind us that neither the twentieth century, nor any number of industrial revolutions have changed the ultimate fact that techne is the greatest heritage of human culture.

The above artistic attitude resulting in a diversity of form has created a multitude of shapes and formations imbued with infinite naturalness, encapsulating all the dimensions of human existence in a few gestures and thus expanding the elusive moment of perception.

The exhibition devoted to the latest works of MORPH will run from 21 September through 11 November in the Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle.


curator: Szilvia Reischl

On the picture: Tamás SZABÓ : Metamorphosis XVIII., 2018 | Attila MATA : Hommage à Picasso, 1996–2006 | János KALMÁR : Interval IV, Ascent , 2017



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MORPH | János Kalmár ˑ Attila Mata ˑ Tamás Szabó

MORPH | Kalmár János ˑ Mata Attila ˑ Szabó Tamás
2018. September 21. - November 11.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

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