Doctor of the liberal arts

With the works of 46 young artists in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Hungary's first doctoral program in the fine arts, at the University of Pécs in 1995.

The anniversary exhibition material was selected by advising professors and exhibition organizers from approximately 80 works by students in the Pécs Master's School of the Fine Arts DLA program.
The exhibition was organized by art historian György Várkonyi.

On the DLA program in brief:

The Doctoral School (Master's School) provides the opportunity for further study to highly talented young artists with a university degree, who by attaining the DLA will be artists and teachers qualified to teach at the highest level of art education.

At the entrance exam Hungarian and non-Hungarian applicants submit a proposed three-year program for research and artistic creation for review by the Masters Board.

A major strength of the Pecs Master's program is that from the beginning it has placed great emphasis on practical studio work and the formation of an independent artistic personality. To this end it provides comprehensive support, including the costs for special technologies and materials, travel and study tours in Hungary and abroad, and transfer credit for courses at other institutions. The institutional structure of the University offers unique opportunities for inter-faculty interdisciplinary research and study.

DLA students are required to have certified proficiency exams in two foreign languages and to submit regular semiannual written reports on their works finished and in progress. Comprehensive examinations come at the end of the three-year program. The doctoral degree is awarded upon submission of a dissertation and organization of the masterpiece exhibition, and successful defense of both before the examining board. The degree is awarded by the University of Pécs Doctoral and Habilitation Board.

The works displayed in the Ernst Museum call the attention of visitors and the profession to rich thematics and outstanding achievements of the individualized doctoral programs. The majority of the works on display were made in the studios of the Master's School as part of the doctoral program, in addition to a few recent works independently created by young artists after completion of the three-year program. A number of these artists have for many years been active and successful participants in the artistic life of the region and all of Europe. They have won grants and fellowships and displayed their works in exhibitions; many of their works are now part of private and public collections.

Advising professors of the Master's School:

István Bencsik
Kossuth Prize sculptor, Professor Emeritus, Academy member

Colin Foster, DLA
sculptor, tenured associate professor

Ilona Keserü
Kossuth Prize painter, Professor Emerita, Academy member

Sándor Bencsik
Munkácsy Prize sculptor, Meritorious Artist, professor

Imre Schrammel
Kossuth Prize ceramic sculptor, professor (ret.), Academy member

Ernő Tolvaly
Munkácsy Prize painter, tenured professor


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Budapest Festival Center Kht.
Education Ministry
National Cultural Heritage Ministry
Approach Art Society
Radó Wine Cellars Pécs
2005. March 18. - April 17.

Ernst Museum

2005. March 7. - March 8.
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