Life ouvre exhibition of the works of György Szegedy-Maszák on the ocassion of the 100th anniversary of his birth

György Szegedy-Maszák attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and graduated as a student of János Vaszary, at the same time he came into contact with the avante-garde groups, such as the circle surrounding the poet and painter Lajos Kassák. In the thirties he and his wife collected folk artefacts. He started painting again after 1956, but he lead a retired life and rarely appeared in exhibitions. In this present exhibition more than 100 of works will be on display. His paintings are mostly abstract, in style they are closest to the works of the so-called European School artists. His skechbook covering several decades, which gives a rare insight into the working methods of the artists, will also be on display.

June 23, Wednesday evening at six o'clock a discussion entitled "Remembering Szegedy-Maszák Györgyre" will take place with Miklós Halmy, Sándor Molnár and Mihály Schéner
2004. June 6. - July 4.

Ernst Museum

2004. May 18. - June 10.
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