Exhibition of Erika Baglyas and Ilona Lovas

For how long must one blow on a table full of white balls from 2 sides, until they will no longer remain, or take care, but simply release each other? And the unity will come apart, and with their pattering fading on the floor they will find their final state of rest? For how long will those few that abscond from the scattering, dispersing effect still roll, travel, pass each other by or collide?
What must happen for people to be separate from togetherness? So that the massive unity be undone; so that, influencing each other’s paths, driven by external and internal forces, moving through apparently random trajectories, they will find a new place? What kinds of forces make the whole drift together and apart?

What is the game in which we simultaneously direct, and have directed, at once we are set out under the effects of the created and artificial environment, and at the same time, we ourselves bring those into motion?

What is it like when two people, with two world views, from two separate positions, and who yet formulate the exact same situation, and their opposites, precisely due to their similarities, establish a system of effects?

We present the collaborative video work of Erika Baglyas and Ilona Lovas at the Dorottya Gallery. The 13-minute piece engages with the above questions in its own abstract way.

Vernissage: Tuesday, 16 January 2007, at 6 p.m. with the collaboration of: Barnabás Hegyi, counter tenor
Food: frojdrider
Finissage: 8 February 2007

The exhibition and accompanying catalogue were realised with the kind support of the National Cultural Fund and LUROTEX Textilipari Kft.
2007. January 16. - February 10.

Gallery Dorottya

2006. December 19. - 2007. January 13.
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