Exhibition of Anna Makovecz

I am continuing along the lines of my earlier works, i.e., I am working with the duality of notions of the everyday/the irregular
My plan is malleable, moulding myself. In terms of space, I consider a flea-market, home, a warehouse, a sacred place, or all of these together, rather than a sterile exhibition space, where the visual experience reaches the visitor according to two metres of white wall.

I am thinking in terms of the following objects:
Pillows: they symbolise our everydays, our dreams, the impressions of our bodies, our tiredness, our togetherness, our solitude; they are the witnesses of our illnesses.
Paintings, on pillows: how the witnesses to our daily life become landscapes, the bearers of still lifes, and how customary, two-dimensional depiction attains its unaccustomed body in the pillows.
Rag-rugs: cuttings used clothing into strips, a new usable object is born. From the clothing of people who are familiar and who are anonymous.
Fountain: water, which quenches thirst, washes out, washes away, washes thoroughly; the water of life, which resuscitates.
Armchairs and sofas, shelves.
I am preparing the realisation of an exhibition from these objects. The rag-rug will cover the room, forming a soft, interior living space, the armchairs and sofas also covered, concealed in themselves, the paintings exposed, painted in part on pillows, in part on canvas, other objects, sculptures. In the centre of the room, in an improvised tent of rugs, the fountain gurgles, illuminated from inside, on the outside, a delicate twilight. I envisage that this environment - made of the soft clothing of anonymous people, whose central element is water, and on whose shores one can rest, whose objects can be discovered seemingly by chance - is able to imitate the perfect resting place, which we can find in nature, or inside ourselves, and which I believe we all have great need of.

Anna Makovecz

The exhibition is opened on Tuesday, 8 November 2005, at 6 p.m. by
Orsolya Egri

With the kind support of the NKA, NKÖM and epl (www.serdian.hu).
2005. November 8. - December 3.

Gallery Dorottya

2005. November 4. - December 4.
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