SANS TITRE - exhibition of painter István Pető

When approaching István Pető's pictures, our first impression is that of grey hemp of the canvas, faded ultramarine, deep asphalt, yellow ochre; a vibration of colors in a basically monochromatic field in contrast with an intensive, sometimes dense style of drawing. Against the background of the canvas the pronounced drawing stands out, with delicate traces that vanish into nothing, or else strong and articulate elements. We can recognize fragments of geometrical forms, interpretable forms mingled with voluntarily non-figurative ones. All these elements are laid out in a well-structured composition of bare monochromatic spaces, thus creating fields of tension. It is a tension balancing between scarcity and wealth, force and lightness, a unity without wanting to tell a story. All we have to do is run our gaze trough it, help the mind escape, while our feelings are being catalysed.

The artist living in France exhibits paintings and graphical works at the Dorottya Gallery. The exhibition is the first part of the series "Les Hongrois de Paris" of the French Institute Budapest.

Opening on Tuesday, 12 July 2005 at 6 pm. Opening speech by Károly Klimó artist, Professor at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
The exhibited works can be bought.

The exhibition and the accompanying catalogue have been realized with the kind support of the Institut Français de Budapest, the Mission Art Gallery, the Harley Davidson Motor Cycles and the Comline.
2005. July 12. - August 19.

Gallery Dorottya

2005. June 22. - July 10.
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