Confrontation - Exhibition of artist István Nayg

István Nayg is a striking figure among Hungarian mid-generation contemporary artists. With both his own works and as a member of the Block Group, he has taken part in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. His artwork draws upon both the rich traditions of painting and anti-painting’s gestures dismantling the notion of the traditional panel painting. His creative methods are characterised by a concentrated mode of expression and a diversified use of materials. The author, making a rare solo appearance, is putting his newest works on view at the Ernst Museum’s Dorottya Gallery. Alongside his large-scale panel pictures, paintings of mixed media, painting-objects and image-objects, a medium new for him also appears in this show: the photo-print. Despite the apparent dissimilarities in the various materials and techniques employed in the exhibited works, they represent a coherent subject, at whose centre lie the issues of the mirror, the mirror-image, the head-on view and confrontation.

The exhibition is opened by art historian Lajos Lóska.

The exhibition is realised with the kind support of the Committee for Culture, Human Rights and Minorities, of the Inner City-Leopoldstadt Municipal Government.
2005. April 26. - May 21.

Gallery Dorottya

2005. March 22. - April 23.
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2005. April 28. - May 22.
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