Multitude - exhibition of Bazil Duliskovich

"Throughout my career as a painter, it appears that my fundamental subject matter has taken shape: I depict people, and I attempt to paint types of people in various life situations." - thus Bazil Duliskovich characterises his artwork in a nutshell. He arrived to Budapest in 1991 from Carpathia, where, alongside his wood-carving degree, he then received his diploma from the Painting Faculty of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Albeit in the 1980s and 90s in Hungary the revival and renewed advance of figural painting could be observed, it seems that this is not the tendency that influenced Bazil as an incentive; it is much rather a way of looking at things that he has already brought with him, has soaked up in another cultural milieu, that inspires his creative process. Man appears in his pictures, but these are not portraits, nor are they genre paintings; the figure of the paintings unfolds as a symbol from the fabric of its surroundings, bringing Orthodox iconic art to mind. In his surfaces treated with rich painterliness, nothing diverts attention from the figure: the material of the environs encompassing him at the same time constitutes its own matter, becoming homogeneous, as a vision. Beyond the individual stories and personal features, he places man in the centre, who is disclosed to us in a dreamlike way, as an apparition.

The National Cultural Fund supported the realisation of the exhibition and the publication of the accompanying catalogue.
2005. February 22. - March 19.

Gallery Dorottya

2005. February 3. - February 27.
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2005. February 27. - March 6.
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