Kokoro - The exhibition of Borbála Kígyós

The exhibited silk collection by Borbála Kígyós, which was made with the traditional method of kimono painting, are inspired by the visual tradition of three continents, as the Japanese Zen philosophy, the free improvisations of the New Orleans Jazz, and the European traditions. Borbála Kígyós graduated at the Janus Pannonius University of Sciences in Pécs in the Department of Drawing and Visual Education. Then she went to Japan to study the method of the oriental art and the kimono painting. Since 1999 she has been living in New Orleans and since then she designs furniture covers and paints household textiles. The question of her exhibition can be: are there any differences between the Occidental and Oriental culture, or the differences only laying in the different out coming forms. The exhibition contains painted silks, hand made carved furnitures, painted crockeries (so-called japans), bedspreads and as well as costumes.
2003. November 18. - December 6.

Gallery Dorottya

2003. November 5. - November 23.
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2003. November 26. - November 30.
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