De Profundis - exhibition of Dóra Keresztes

"The animation film, De Profundis, grows from a microscopic cell division into a living, surging image-stream of incessant transformation. Sheer intuition, embracing emotion and the significance of interpreting dreams pulsate within it. The emblem-like symbols, mythical symbols of animals and man, reminiscent of the archaic figures of people of nature, appear in an all-embracing organic frame, perpetually taking shape, arousing the notion of cave-aperture or the womb" - writes Dóra Keresztes on the animation film eponymous with the show on view at the Dorottya Gallery. Alongside this film, the black and white graphics serving as its base, as well as the large-scale painting series entitled Pantha Rei will be on display. The compositions of three genres are the offspring of the visually integrated artistic school of thought of the same universe, in the course of whose evolutional process it is rendered visible that the origin and the foundation of everything is truly one. Be it the puritan motifs of the prints, the flow springing from the nature of the animated film, or the abstract forms of colourful paintings cutting-out and creating each other. Providing the title for the accompanying discussion, the artist chose a fragment of the following quotation: "Only one thing is sure; the rest is merely extension: the earth below you, the sky above you, the ladder within you." (Sándor Weöres: Inverted Mirrors)

Opening speech by graphic artist János Kass, music by Mistral orchestra.
2005. January 25. - February 19.

Gallery Dorottya

2005. January 4. - January 22.
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