Zoltán Tölg-Molnár: "HELLDUNKEL"

If we pay attention well, we can see that the pictures of the passing time and experience of our existence - drawn in deeply, like the shadow of a shattered fresco - are laid bare, ever darker, with increasing weight, ever simpler and increasingly transparent.
One should only do what is personal; the rest is simply squandered time. And it is only worthwhile to act as if we would still have time to spare, protecting us - because we have already been stripped almost bare.
The problem with Rákóczi Boulevard 59 as of late is that there is someone who is always there - who "comes and goes" - who seems to look after me, but in fact is observing me. (We even turn on the light at the same time.) It has taken some time: I see my reflected image, the image of my studio - then I have remained myself - or am I simply going mad? Are we going out, or inside? We will have to talk it over once more. December, 2003 Zoltán Tölg-Molnár
2004. March 2. - March 20.

Gallery Dorottya

2004. February 3. - February 28.
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2004. March 14. - April 25.
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